Saturday, 13 June 2009

Captains Update

To all my followers,

Apologies for the long period between this post and the last. The last few days the internets been broken and before that I didn't have any time to get my thoughts down! But here I am (now in London) and I am ready to tell all.
So, arrived on the 3rd at about 9pm (thanks to the quality Welsh bus system....) which put me officially in last place of all the STEPpers to arrive, even though most of them are from half-way around the planet! I should now explain that STEP stands for Short Term Exposure Programme, which is what I and 19 others are on for the next 10 weeks.
Yeah so I meet my "big brother" on the ship Kelon (he's from the Caribbean so we have plenty in common) who's a good guy and he gave me a cheaky tour of the ship. It's a good setup onboard- we've got a dining room, staff lounge, loads of meeting rooms and a TV room amongst other things- so its pretty sweet.
I then meet my 3 cabin-mates for the voyage- Iain from Scotland, Arran from England and Holger from Germany. Iain is pretty similar to myself I'd say and is really sound. The other 2 are also really dead on but are also both mental as well! Holger wants to be an American for some reason and ALWAYS laughs at whatever happens, and Arran is a complete basket-case, I can't even describe him! But we have all bonded really well and that is the main thing, so thats cool.
Ok so now I know I should describe exactly what I will be doing on the ship. It's pretty simple to be honest- we sail around the 7 seas and loot whatever we can. Then its a case of drinking all the gin you can handle and collapsing on the floor- its a comfy life. Yeah but seriously I am working on the ship 5 days a week in the Galley (thats kitchen to you unexperienced sailors like myself) on 8 hour shifts- either 6am til 2pm or 1pm to 8pm, and then 1 day a week I get to do ministry either onboard the ship on the visitors deck (it has exhibitions and a HUGE bookfair) or onshore with a church or other christian organisation. Then 1 day I get off to complete the week. During the week there are also other events like praise or prayer night and different ministry groups meet to practise as well. For example I went to the drama group last Thursday night and apparently they haven't seen a performance like mine since that guy in Balls of Fury did his stuff. So I'm on to a winner there. I've also played football a bit with some of the crew they have training every week which is cool.
Right so I can't think of much else to say at this present time. All you need to know is that I am doing well and have learned some new German card game called "Bohnanza." If I remember more I will keep you updated, so in the mean time thank you for your prayers and I hope you will continue to pray for me.




  1. We were praying for you last night mate - hope all continues well there. Stick to the cooking as I'm not sure about Balls of Fury or Bonanza...

  2. so great to hear from you Dave. Though in the kitchen...its no bookshop!!!
    keeep in contact